Studio Services

JJM Sound and Video offers all the Recording Studio, Video Production, and Graphic Design services you need — from recording and mixing, to mastering, logo design, album covers, videos, and films.  Our services include much more than listed here so contact us today to book your studio visit or ask any questions.

Music and Audio Recording


Professional recording of anything from a full band to spoken word, piano and vocals, singer songwriter, solo guitars, other instruments, and more!

Need a little help figuring out how to go about recording your song?  Are you a solo artist who wants additional instruments? No problem!  We can provide a wide range of real and virtual instruments to complete your song.

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Video Creation and Filmmaking


Bring a Professional polish to your YouTube presence, make a music video for your new song, or create a cinematic masterpiece!

In the studio we offer a variety of spot and soft lighting as well as large, black, green, and white backdrops for fantastic visuals.  

Want to really add some impact to your video creations? Check out our post production services such as motion graphics and special effects.

Audio and Video Post Production

Varies Based On Project

Post Production is the final steps needed to really give your creation what it needs to shine when you share it with the world.

For Audio/Music it's the Mixing/Mastering process that balances all the sound elements into a cohesive whole that sounds great on every device.

With Video/Filmmaking this is where your project can be taken to a whole new level.  Custom 3D title motion graphics, add dynamic backgrounds, walk on air, explosions, there's no limit!


Lessons for Guitar - General Music - Recording -Filmmaking

Varies Based On Lesson Type

Come learn how to improve at what you love!

Our guitar and music teacher has almost 3 decades of experience and can teach virtually any style of music and type of guitar, acoustic, electric, or classical.

Hone your craft as an audio engineer or filmmaker by working side by side with us in the studio

Songwriting - Other Music Services

Varies Based On Project

Our experienced songwriting team is here for all your musical needs with a diverse range of musical styles and instruments to cover just about every possibility.

We offer custom original music as complete songs or session playing where we write for and play instruments on your music.  Add a guitar part, synth beats and sounds, orchestral arrangements, and more!

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Calligraphy - Graphic Design - Other Visual Arts

Varies Based On Project

From bold striking modern visual design or all the way back to the middle ages, by hand or digital art.  
Our renowned Calligrapher and Scribe works miracles with pen, paint, and paper. Logos, monograms, invitations, drawn by hand.

Bring it into the digital realm and go even further with special effects to make it shimmer and move.
Video: The VVhispers by Desdemona